Diving trips abroad


Do you want to be able to dive carefree in Europe and dive with your own equipment?

Brain Security and Diving Operations picks up your gear in the Netherlands at your home and brings it to your dive destination by bus so that you can safely fly by plane to your dive or holiday destination.

We ensure that we are ready with your gear at the location where you want to go diving, approximately 24 hours after your departure by plane from the Netherlands, depending on your chosen destination, or if desired at a later time.

The average time that we use on location is between one and three days during which you can dive with your own equipment, after which one of our divemasters will return to the Netherlands. The items will remain stored until you yourself are ready for your departure to the Netherlands, and will be delivered back to your home in consultation.

It is of course possible to book a divemaster with us, who will also drive your equipment, as an instructor or guide.

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